ELCA Cloud - IaaS Features

Built for maximum scalability and highest deployment flexibility



Our compute service is the core of the Cloud platform, as it manages the deployment of virtual machines (also called instances) on ELCA Cloud. Built for maximum scalability, our hosts are equipped with Intel and AMD processors to provide consistent performance for diverse workloads.

Key features:

  • Scalability, creating instances from 1 to 24 vCPU and up to 120 GB RAM,
  • Flexibility, using on the fly resizing to adapt to growing application demand,
  • Security, using backup and restore from object storage or snapshots
  • Per hour pricing with reductions for long term commitment
  • Bring your own OS image

Thanks to the OpenStack image services (Glance), our customers can deploy compute instance from a catalogue of standard Operating Systems including Window Server, CentOS, AlmaLinux and Ubuntu. Our customers can also import their own image within their private catalogue for different purposes, such as:

  • to use Operating Systems versions not found in the standard catalogue,
  • to include their selected applications, middleware or security software to ensure every Cloud deployment is in compliance with their IT standards.

ELCA Cloud’s storage service provides a high performance, highly available and fault-tolerant block storage for your compute instances. The software defined storage is based on the Ceph technology ; data is stored on high-speed NVMe SSDs and leverage our ultra fast storage network. ELCA’ s Cloud Service can thus provide maximum flexibility and agility, to meet the requirements of your most demanding applications.


Key features:

  • Flexibility, attaching or move volumes to any compute instance
  • Scalability, using on-the-fly capacity extension
  • Snapshots management, to backup, restore and copy data to create new storage volumes
  • Seamless encryption, using Key Management
  • Storage Quota, to provide fine control over storage consumption
  • High reliability and fault-tolerance
  • Per hour pricing


ELCA Cloud provides our customers with full control over their network topology and architecture, with the ability to create multiple single-tenant networks and connect multiple compute instances to them. With the OpenStack Software defined Network technology (Neutron), you can create routers, interconnect many networks and allocate floating IPs for external connectivity.


Thanks to ELCA Cloud expertise delivering hybrid cloud and migration projects, interconnect your cloud network with your on-premises or corporate networks, and use direct link to hyper cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).


Key features:

  • Security, using dedicated networks for each customer project,
  • Segmentation, connecting servers to specific networks,
  • Automated IP allocation, ensuring consistent and simplified IP Management,
  • Floating IPs, providing full control over your public IP usage,
  • Scalability and reliability, using load balancers to manage traffic to your applications.
  • No charge for network deployment and usage within ELCA Cloud

Traffic to applications and services can be managed with our Cloud Load Balancer Service based on OpenStack Octavia, to distribute the load across their compute instance and optimize their application and content delivery. You can reduce downtime and scale application quickly by using automatic or on-demand scaling.

Contact: Our IaaS experts

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